Eugenie P. Derbenko


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Eugenie P. Derbenko. Neobach #1. 1:58,   recording of 1998. Executes Eugenie P. Derbenko (mp3, 933 kbytes)
Eugenie P. Derbenko. Concert imagination on the subject of Russian national songs "On a street ". 5:19, recording of 1987. Executes Y. Vostrelov in support of the Academic orchestra of Russian national tools VRT. The conductor V.Nekrasov. (mp3, 1249 kbytes)
Eugenie P. Derbenko. Regtime. 1:18. Executes band "Virtuosoes of bayan" (Moscow). (mp3, 616 kbytes)
Eugenie P. Derbenko. Intermezzo. 2:26. Executes band "Virtuosoes of bayan" (Moscow). (mp3, 1152 kbytes)

He was born on the 17th of March in 1949 in Pavlovo-Pasad of Moscow region. He is a composer, performer and pedagogue. He is an Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation, the member of Composers' League of Russian Federation (Moscow organization), the plenipotentiary of  the League in Oryol and Oryol region.

In 1968 he finished the musical school in Kolomna (the bayan class of V.M. Zinovyev). In 1973 he was graduated from the State Musical Pedagogical Institute by the name of Gnesins (now it is Russian Gnesins' Academy of Music), the bayan class of A.N. Gus, the composition class of U.N. Shishakov.

He is the author of more then 1000 works among which there are music for plays, the works for symphonic orchestra and chorus. In 1996 the premiere of the opera "Great Embassy" took place in Jaroslavl.

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Eugenie Derbenko with band "The Oryol souvenir "

Derbenko's main genre is music for folk instruments. He wrote concerts for different instruments with orchestra, sonatas, suits, and miniatures. In 1999 Eugenie Derbenko was the first prize winner in the International Competition of Composition in Moscow. Ten times his works have been awarded in Russian Competitions.

Eugenie Derbenko performed concerts in many countries of the world (France, Belgium, India, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, Finland and other countries).

Derbenko's music is popular in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and in other countries.

During 18 years the composer guides ensemble "Orlovsky Souvenir", which has toured in 16 countries. Derbenko himself plays many instruments in his ensemble.

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Eugenie Derbenko - at the left,
on the right Anatoly Kochergin.

Duet with Anatoly Kochergin, which appiared in 1998, became the first prize laureate of the International festivals (Rgchev, Vladivostok).

E. Derbenko collaborates with Orchestra of Radio and Television directed by N. Nekrasov, with the Orchestra by the name of Osipov directed by N. Kalinin, with the ensemble "Berezka" and many other ensembles and soloists.

Since 1992 he has been leading the class of harmonica in Oryol musical school and at the Oryol Institute of Culture and Art by the program worked out by himself.

In 1999 Eugenie Derbenko was adjudged to the title of the Bearer of the honorable sign "Public Recognition".


The Oryol musical school. Russia Federation, Oryol, Moscow street, 15, ph. 08622-55508

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